Trump Jr. Fails to Defend Spreading Whistleblower’s Identity

Donald Trump Jr.’s appearance on the view was a complete circus. The root of the show’s bloviating originates with Don Jr. — who just like his father — incessantly feels the need to interrupt those he’s talking to to control the bad situation he’s put himself in.

Here is the video if you can manage to sit through it.

Moving on to the moment of the interview I wanted to discuss today. Sunny Hostin, The View host and former lawyer, pressed Don Jr. on tweeting the name of the Trump Ukraine phone call whistleblower.

Now, not many of Trump’s tweets should be taken seriously, but this one is raising alarms because it comes at a time when the Federal Govt. is going to great lengths to keep the whistleblower’s identity anonymous. It’s important to understand why. This is to protect him from people who don’t want him around (The guy in the White House). Sure, the GOP want the whistleblower’s identity unmasked so they can paint him as a communist liberal on Fox News. But we’re also talking about life and death. People who have made death threats against him. People want to kill this man in order to save Donald Trump’s presidency. So let’s get that clear. Don Jr. knows this. He also knows that tweeting his name, whether it helps Fox News build Trump’s defense, or happens to get him killed, will impact the ongoing impeachment inquiry. 

So let’s look at section 1505 to better understand how Trump Jr. broke the law with his tweet. 

The law “Forbids anyone from corruptly, or by threats of force or by any threatening communication, influencing, obstructing, or impeding any pending proceeding before a department or agency of the United States, or Congress.”

In other words: don’t get involved in our investigations. Don’t unmask a whistleblower. Don’t help to spread the unmasking of a whistleblower. Stay away. 

 It’s pretty clear Trump has bred lawlessness in his children. And that Trump Jr. will do anything to get his father’s affection…even it means breaking the law. The question is will he be held accountable for it?